Welcome to Youth Soccer New Rochelle!

Our Goal

We strongly believe that every child, who wants to play can play. All children are fully capable of learning as, long as desired conditions are created. Everything is just the matter of time and proper approach.

We are here to serve your children in fashion, so they can fall in love with a beautiful game of soccer and develop healthy habit lasting lifetime.

There is no non-sense, we don’t run try-out simply because we are here to teach. That might turn sometimes in quite a challenge, but THEREFORE we do what we do. It’s up to us to set the goals, so each our player feels successful.
We want to bring back real values of sport and reestablish the joy from playing team game.

WINNING – yes, but not in all cause.

More important is to do the best and not give up. The result will come naturally, when kids are having fun.